Upper Brushy Creek W.C.I.D.
Flood Monitoring System

The purpose of the website is to provide rainfall and reservoir information to the public. The flood monitoring system receives data from 21 sites approximately every 15 minutes. The District makes the data available to the Cities, Williamson County, and National Weather Service, which control the flood warnings and responses. Please contact your City or County for emergency action planning information. Website links to the entities within the District are available on the public flood monitoring website.

Data are provisional and subject to revision: Provisional data may be inaccurate due to instrument malfunctions or physical changes at the measurement site. Subsequent review based on field inspection and measurements may result in significant revisions to the data. Data users are cautioned to consider carefully the provisional nature of the information before using if for decisions that concern personal or public safety or the conduct of business that involves substantial monetary or operational consequences. Information concerning the accuracy and appropriate uses of these data may be obtained from the District.

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Comments regarding the website should be posted using the comments link or sent directly to the general manager of the District. Information regarding the District and its operations is available on the home website.

Upper Brushy Creek W.C.I.D.

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